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Te Reo Maori - Let's talk Maori
Toku reo
transport song
Transport song safeshare
Tauranga Moana
Folk songs
Months of the year
Aoteoroa - Stan Walker
Counting song- Juniors
Lyrics Aotearoa Stan Walker
One day a Taniwha
Ma wai ra *
Kiwaha Song
Omanu E - Use to support singing
Otago Uni - assorted waiata with translations
Omanu E - action song
Karangatiara - Meaning
TKI Waiata to download
07+Ko+Au,+Ko+Au (1)
Kei te pehea koe? How are you?
He aha te tae?
Utaina with actions and haka
E rere taku poi
Maori Language Websites
Korero Maori
digital dialects - ixl
Te Kakano modules
TKI videos
100 Maori words all New Zealanders should know
Resources for Juniors
Maori Language Week 2014
Korero maori link to Maori Language Week
kupu maori -get daily emails during Maori Lang week
The Arts
The Creation story - Sand Art
The seven sisters - story of Matariki
Matariki booklet pdf
Maori Dictionary
Online Dictionary
Te Marae
Powhiri on a Marae
String games
Open the Gate
Cup and Saucer
Parachute/Witches Broom
Drum and Spider
Jacob's Ladder
Myths and Legends
How Maui slowed the Sun
The legend of Mauao
Environmental Links
Legends & stories and environmental links
Web Games
Kids Maori TV
Kia Mau
Ka Mau Te Wehi
Video Gallery
Te Reo TKI
Curriculum Level Lessons
Media Gallery:
Omanu - The ...
4 media items
Values Art
4 media items
1 media item
9 media items
Matariki Disco
15 media items
TKI website
1 media item
Our classrooms
1 media item
Links to our Implementation Plan

Links to our Implementation Plan

In here you will find sub pages organised into our terms and within each sub page the Achievement Objective focus for this term. Included within each of these will be resources that you may wish to use to support the implementation of Te Reo Maori in your classroom. 

Just a reminder that the modes of delivery for Te Reo Maori will differ for the year levels. 
Year 1& 2 includes: Listening and Speaking
Year 3 & 4 includes: Reading, Speaking and Viewing
Year 5 & 6 includes: Reading, Viewing, Speaking, Writing and Presenting