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Stage 4: Say the number before or after a given number to 100Stage 4:Order numbers up to 100Stage 4:Count forwards to 100 from any numberStage 4:Count backwards from 100 to any numberStage 4:'Friends to 10 '/ 'Buddies to 10'Stage 4:Doubles up to 20 and the matching halvesStage 4:Know what the symbols <, >, = meanStage 4:Know symbols and words for 1/2, 1/4Stage 4:Skip count forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s up to 100Stage 4:Know the numbers of 10s in decadesStage 4:Know groupings within 20Stage 4:Know 10 + factsStage 4:Know addition and subtraction family of facts to 10Stage 4:I can read and write numbers up to 100Stage 4:I know addition and subtraction of 10's up to 100 e.g 30 + 40Stage 2/3:say the number before or after a given number up to 20Stage 2/3:count backwards any number to 20Stage 2/3:Make a set of objects up to 20Stage 2/3:skip count in 2s to 20 and 10s to 100Stage 2/3:doubles to 10Stage 2/3:read write numbers to 20Stage 2/3:order numbers to 20Stage 2/3:count forwards up to 20Stage 2/3:patterns to 10 on a tens frameStage 2/3:know finger patterns to 10Stage 2/3:count number of objects in a set to 20Stage 2/3:groupings with 5Stage 2/3:know + and - groupings within 5Stage 2/3: know symbols 1/2 and 1/4 Stage 2/3:share a set of objects using equal sharingread and write numbers to 1000Stage 5: order numbers up to 1000Stage 5:count forwards by 1s, 10,s and 100,s from any number to 1000Stage 5:count backwards by 1s, 10,s and 100,s from any number to 1000Stage 5:know 1,10,100 before and after number up to 1000Stage 5:know groupings within 1000Stage 5: can order from smallest to largest 1/2,1/3,1.4,1.5 etcStage 5:know symbols and words for 1/2,1/3,1/5,1/6 etcStage 5:know what the symbols for <> and = meanStage 5:know all the 2x,5x and 10x multiplication and division factsStage 5:can skip count forwards and backwards in 2s,3s,5s, and 10s to 100Stage 5:know how many 10s and 100s in a 3 digit numberStage 5:jump to the nearest tidy 10 or 100Stage 5:know addition and subtraction family of facts to 20Stage 5:instantly recall basic addition and subtraction facts to 20Stage 6:read and write numbers up to 1000000Stage 6: order numbers up to 1000 000stage 6 : Before and after to 1,000,000Stage 6: Rounding numbers to nearest 10, 100, 1000Telling the TimeStage 4 - Count/add on in 10sStage 4 - Count on from biggest number to solve problemsSolve 2 and 3 digit problems using place value and starting with the biggest number

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