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 The Board of Trustees has set the Annual School Donation as follows:

$85 per year (1st child);

$130 per family

Payment may be made using any of the following options:-

• Cash
• Eftpos available
• Cheque (made out to Omanu School)
• Direct Credit  (Omanu Primary School - A/c 12 3217 0098559 00 - Ref: eldest child’s name)
• Log into Kindo through the School Shop and donate there (click Kindo for the link).

This will be receipted as a donation to the school, for Tax purposes.

Your contribution is used to purchase Curriculum Resources which support classroom programmes (eg. Library books, Maths equipment, Reading books, Phys Ed and Music equipment.

Expenditure contributes to the ongoing education of children currently attending Omanu School.
Thank you for supporting your school.

Omanu School Board of Trustees