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  • Stationery "packs" are available online at www.theschoolstore.co.nz. Search our school's name, select the classroom pack and your child's pack will be couriered directly to school ready for Term 1, OR packs can be purchased through the school at the beginning of the school year.
  • New Entrants purchase their stationery items through the school office on enrolment
1A4  Exercise Book NZ $0.80 Pencil NZ $0.50    
1A5  Exercise Book NZ $0.90 Eraser Sml NZ $0.30              
1B4  Exercise Book NZ $0.50 Eraser Lge NZ $0.50     
1B5 Homework Book NZ $0.70 Glue Sticks NZ $2.50          
1B8 A4 Homework Book NZ $0.90 Ruler NZ $0.60     
3B1 Notebook NZ $0.30 Book Bag NZ $5.00          
9B5 Writing Pad NZ $1.20 Spellwrite NZ $7.00     
14B5 Writing Pad NZ $1.20
1E8 A4 Quad Maths NZ $1.30  Ball Point Pens
Blue /Black /Red /Green NZ $0.60    
1F4   NZ $0.50 Clear File Folder
Insert Pocket
NZ $4.60
1G2 NE Handwriting NZ $0.70 Scrapbook (NE) Bumper NZ $2.00
1H5 Quad Maths NZ $0.90 Clever Kiwi Scrapbook All Purpose Lined (Snrs)
NZ $3.00
 1I5 9mm Ruled NZ $0.90 Clever Kiwi Bk 2 Fun Doing Maths (Snrs)  NZ $3.00

LWB  Junior Writing Book NZ $0.90 Clever Kiwi
Activities Book (NE) NZ $3.00
 1U4   NZ $0.80  Sharpie Fine black marker
NZ $2.10

Highlighter Yellow NZ $1.60