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School lunches are available to order on a Wednesday and a Friday from the lunch room next to room 10.

Cash orders are available at school on FRIDAYS only.

Parents please ensure:

  • All orders are pre-written on an envelope, including name and room number
  • Correct money is provided (if possible)
  • Orders are delivered to the lunchroom kitchen adjacent to Room 10 before the 8:55am bell
Lunch Menu
Pizza Bread                          $2.00
Mince Pie                             $3.50
Sausage Roll                        $2.00
Lamington                            $3.00
Chocolate Chip Muffin       $3.00
Fruit Pottle                           $1.50

Sushi Menu (4 pieces per pack)
Chicken Katsu            $6.00
Salmon                        $6.00
Vege- carrot                $6.00
& cucumber
Teriyaki Chicken         $6.00


* Please take sushi packaging home for disposal *