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School lunches are available to order on a Wednesday and a Friday from the lunch room next to room 10.

Lunch purchase service is operated by our School Support Group parents

Cash orders available at school FRIDAYS ONLY

Lunch and Sushi orders with money in a named envelope please
(incl' Room No.) to the lunch room adjacent to Rm 10 by 8.55am
Lunch Menu
Pizza Bread                 $2.00
Mince Pie                     $3.50
Sausage Roll                $2.00
Lamington                   $3.00
Chocolate Muffin       $3.00
Fruit Pottle                  $1.50

Sushi Menu (4 pieces per pack)
Chicken Katsu            $6.00
Salmon                        $6.00
Tuna                             $6.00
Teriyaki Chicken         $6.00