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Introducing your Omanu School Board of Trustees from left to right 
Nick Elsmore, Hayden Burns, Rita Tustin, Brett Larsen (Principal), Jacqui van der Beek (Staff representative), Matthew James and Debbie Green (Chair).

The school is administered by a Board of Trustees elected every 3 years. The role of the Board is to establish, implement and review school policy, within the ‘National Education and Administration guidelines’ set by the government. The Board’s ‘governance role’ involves monitoring an overview of the school and student achievement, curriculum development implementation, financial management, property management, personnel management and support, community consultation and communication, and working with agencies such as the Ministry of Education and Education Review Office. On-going self-review is a key component of the Board’s work. The Board of Trustees meets twice a term at the school. Meetings are open to the public with dates set out on the termly calendars available in the newsletters section of this website.

Should you have any queries or feedback, please contact our BOT Chair Debbie Green- debbie_green@yahoo.com or Principal Brett Larsen - principal@omanu.school.nz

School Reports
2015 End of Year Review
Annual Report 2015
School Policies
Procedures for Communicating Concerns and Complaints