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POLICY:  Procedures for Communicating Concerns and Complaints
A clear understanding of these procedures by Parents/Caregivers, Board members and Staff will facilitate the Communication and Consultation process between the School and it’s Community.
Guidelines: All concerns and complaints will be addressed.  Most can be resolved informally following the procedures outlined below.
Educational Concerns:
  1. Parents/Caregivers concerns about issues related to their child should in the first instance be directed to the child’s Teacher.  The involvement of the Senior Teacher providing professional leadership in that area of the school may be considered to be beneficial.
  2. If the issue is not resolved and needs to be addressed further, it should be directed to the School Principal.

Concerns/complaints relating to School Management/Administrative issues:
  1. Parents/caregivers should discuss all concerns in the first instance with the School Principal, or Board of Trustees Chairperson.  (Issues not related to personnel may be directed to other B.O.T. members.)

Formal Complaints: (Where the informal procedures detailed above do not achieve a satisfactory solution.)
  1. As an employer the Board of Trustees is required to follow the procedures set out clearly in the relevant Employment Agreement.  (Details available to complainants on request.)
  2. Formal complaints must be made in writing and provide full details of the issue(s) causing concern.
  3. They should be directed in the first instance to the School Principal or the Board of Trustees Chairperson.

Serious Concerns: No withstanding the procedures detailed above complainants may take concerns of a serious nature directly to an Agency with the authority to act on their own accord and proceed with their own protocols.  (e.g. NZ Police, NZCFS, Dept. of Social Welfare.)
Conclusion: Most concerns/complaints can be resolved on an informal basis given prompt communication and consultation when an issue arises.

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