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At Omanu School we are continuing to explore opportunities and ways of developing multidirectional communications with our parents and whanau.

These include; incidental face-to-face communication that occurs wehn parents drop off or pick up children from school; using the children to convey information; newsletters; the school website, Ultranet and the Parent Portal; texting and Curriculum Afternoon / Evenings.

  Effective collaboration between home and school can lift children’s achievement significantly
(Desforges and Abouchaar, 2003)

Reframing Community Engagement for the Future"

Future focused literature suggest that the world has changed and that if we are to continue to develop and prosper as a nation, more of the same is not sufficient. Through this lens, “community engagement” involves much more than informing or consulting with parents – it involves community participation ….

If the purpose of community engagement is for the community to engage collaboratively with schools in decisions about curriculum, and if we want schools to have a 21st century curriculum, it is important that our wider school community has the opportunity to engage with future-focused ideas about education.