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At Omanu School our focus is on building a range of digital literacy skills within a positive school culture of digital citizenship.

We encourage students to learn how to be a responsible contributor online through our Ultranet Portal.

We actively discourage students from the use of social networking sites.
   At Omanu School we utilise The Lean Guide Protect Framework, designed by Netsafe in conjunction with New Zealand Educators, to promote a student-centered approach to teaching and learning about cybersafety and digital citizenship across the curriculum 

.... DID YOU KNOW...

...that many social networking sites have an age limit of 13+

Click on this link to read about Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.  

Bullet point 4. refers to age registrations. There are also some good discussion points in this Protecting other Peoples Rights.

Below you will see a snapshot of Twitter's policy on children.  

Click on this link to find out more about Privacy on Twitter