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Omanu Primary School NZ Media and Digital Excellence (MADE) Award entries 2016

  Cameron Ford, Dylan McDowell and Ezra Beckett
created a motivational advert based around the
Omanu motto.

Room 21 created a music video using stop
motion techniques to demonstrate what the
students learnt in their recent Reduce, Reuse and
Recycle Unit.
  Room 12 found as many different ways as they
could to count to ten. The students then had to
demonstrate these ways whist the teacher took
 photos. All the photos were then stitched
 together and put with this awesome song by
 Anika Moa. How many ways can you count?

Room 16 have been working on advertisements
a group worked to advertise their special
invention for athletes. They looked at a lot of
advertising techniques. How many can you spot
in this video?


   Room 22 made a stop motion of The Gruffalo.
Using their own art work and each animating
 different scenes to create one whole class
 project. The project ended up being quite
indepth as there were so many scenes and
ideas to animate. Well done room 22.
Room 19 have been working on News reports.
Each group filmed and edited, thinking about
speaking clearly and with expression and using
appropriate backgrounds. They also did
storyboarding and the filming. Not bad for a first go -
Well done room 19!
   Room 19 had been investigating the Amazon
Rainforest.Here they chose their favourite
creatures and used Green Screening
Techniques to put themselves in the picture.
Writing reports is always fun when you can
turn them into little stop motions.
 Great work Room 11.