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Ultranet is an online tool that is a safe and secure place on the internet for teachers, students, and parents to interact and share Omanu learning.

Students and can participate in learning activities, and have access to learning resources at home or anywhere with an internet connection.

...Ultranet allows controlled publishing and sharing of learning with parents and the wider community developing towards e-portfolios.

...It enhances and encourages home-school partnerships which in turn could raise levels of achievement  (as found in research)

...It provides secure social networking that will teach children how to become good digital citizens. The staff and students are developing protocols for appropriate use of this tool.

...It will provide opportunities for 21st century learning through blending the curriculum with ICT and a more personalised approach to learning.

Click here to watch our movie and learn more about elearning in the 21st Century.

Parents may have some questions about the online safety of their child.  We hope the following information will be useful.

Publishing and sharing content on the World Wide Web can have great benefits, but it’s always good to be able to control just who gets to see what.  Along with the easy creation of content in Ultranet, setting security levels and permission access is also offered at various levels throughout the application.  

In Ultranet, teachers have the ability to customise which pages are available for public access, or allow only certain classes or groups to access a resource. 

With special permission settings on certain modules, teachers can take fine control of objects in the page, allowing students to have particular edit rights.  Moderators can also be set up to check content such as discussion posts, so that inappropriate comments can be flagged before going live.

This is an exciting new development that will have huge benefits to students and teachers.  If you have any questions or require further explanation please contact the school or visit the Ultranet website at www.ultranet.net.nz.