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We have recently allowed some students access to our Ultranet, which is a new digital learning environment that we are developing at Omanu School.  All our students will have access as teachers become more confident with Ultranet.

Parents may have some questions about the online safety of their child.  We hope the following information will be useful.

Publishing and sharing content on the World Wide Web can have great benefits, but it’s always good to be able to control just who gets to see what.  Along with the easy creation of content in Ultranet, setting security levels and permission access is also offered at various levels throughout the application.  

Teachers and administrators have the ability to customise which pages are available for public access, or allow only certain classes or groups to access a resource. 

In time parents will be given access to Ultranet which will allow them access to the public part of this tool and specific documentation about their own child which will enable regular updating of records and opportunities to view students work in a variety of ways. See information about Parent Portal below.

With special permission settings on certain modules, teachers can take fine control of objects in the page, allowing students to have particular edit rights.  Moderators can also be set up to check content such as discussion posts, so that inappropriate comments can be flagged before going live.This is an exciting new development that will have huge benefits to students and teachers.  If you have any questions or require further explanation please contact either ...................... or visit the Ultranet website at 

About the Ultranet Parent Portal

The Ultranet parent portal is a secure web environment where parents can access information that keeps them informed of their child's learning progress and attendance record. It also provides easy online access to additional resources and information that the school makes available for parents.

The benefit of the paret portal is that it serves as a single point of access for anything to do with a child's learning. Notices, calendars, reports, timetables,  assignments, attendance, assessment reporting, communication and discussion forums, are all available in one convenient location whihc parents can access anywhere, anytime from their personal dashboard.